The territory of a ship-repair complex is located in the city Svetly which is an industrial city-companion of Kaliningrad. Svetly is connected with Kaliningrad by automobile and rail roads (20 km.). Distance to the airport is about 38 km. The enterprise is located on the bank of the navigable nonfreezing Kalinigrad sea-channel, in 10 miles from Kaliningrad and in 10 miles from the port of Baltiysk. The enterprise has the territory of 20 hectares. There are berthing lines in length of 720 meters equipped with six portal cranes by load-carrying capacity from 10 to 32 tons. The complex is capable to accept vessels with draft up to 7 meters.

The complex consists of:
  • three floating docks;
  • broadside slip;
  • two blocks of producing departments 24 thousand sq.m. total area,  equipped with bridge cranes loadcarrying capacity from 5 to 20 tons;
  • service shops;
  • auxiliary vessels (three tugs, clean-up boat);
  • the automobile vehicles.
Special status of territory allows to accept vessels under the Russian and foreign flags. Customs and boundary registration of vessels is carried out directly in complex territory. Loading of vessels is permitted from complex territory round the clock.
"Svetlovskiy sudoremontny zavod" is certificated according to requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The characteristic of ship-lifting constructions, shops and auxiliary means:

Floating dock

№ 419

№ 436


Broadside slip 

Power coastal el. supply  independent (own diesel engine - power station) coastal el. supply coastal el. supply
Lifting power, ton-force   4500 4500 


Length on dock floor, m   101  101  150 70 КПК
Width on dock floor, m    21,6 21,6  24
Quantity and load-carrying capacity of dock cranes and arrows, piece/t 1/5   1/5


Bearth №

Lenght, m Crane Type Lifting power, 


148 KPM–32/25 32



KPM–15 15


160 KPM–10 10


118,3 KPM–32/16 32/5




210,8 KPM–16 16


210,8 KPM–32 32/5

Auxiliary vessels

  • Tug "Vnimatelniy" power of 1600 h.p.
  • Tug "Sudoremontnik" power of 1200 h.p.
  • Tug "Butuz" power of 300 h.p.

Main departments

  • hull workshops S=10769 м2
  • mehano-assembly S = 10630 м2

In shops there is all spectrum of machine tools and the equipment necessary for carrying out ship-repair works . Quantity of bridge cranes is 17 units. Load-carrying capacity from 5 to 20 tons. Service workshops - tool, mechanical-repair, transport (15 units of the automobile vehicles, two truck cranes load-carrying capacity on 10 tons each) S=3000м2.


  1. Shiprepair

    1. Docking of vessels in length up to 130м, light weight up to 4500 tons.
    2. Sliping of vessels up to 70 m, weight to 400 tons.
    3. Small, intermidiate, overhauling repairs and replacement:
      • The Main and auxiliary ship power-plants;
      • Diesel engines-generators;
      • Ship pumps;
      • Compressors;
      • Steam boilers;
      • Deck and trade mechanisms;
      • Systems of ventilation and fans;
      • Systems of pipelines;
      • Heat exchange units and coppers;
      • Propeller-rudder system (including repair of rowing shaft in length to 12 м, diameter to 760 mm in weight to 20 tons);
      • Hulls and Hull sections;
      • Cargo, anchor and boat-handling gears.
    4. Hull cleaning and painting.
    5. Repair and replacement of an electric equipment, cable lines and power switch boards.
    6. Repair of ships automatic systems.
    7. Repair of ship systems of radio navigation.
    8. Works on isolation and shell plating of premises.
    9. Repair of ship furniture.
    10. Casting rubber products in diameter to 450 mm.
    11. Granting of additional services: towage, services of moorings, gathering oily bilge waters, recycling of household waste and dust, fresh water bunkering, granting of warehouse, motor transport and cranes for purposes of ship supply.
  2. Shipbuilding
    1. Manufacturing of ship hull sections under the supervision of classification societies IACS;
    2. Manufacturing of ship hull blocks;
    3. Manufacturing of metalware any complexity;
    4. Hull-welding works;
    5. Building of vessel construction of port maintenance, fishing vessels of the average tonnage.
  3. Port services:
    1. loading-unloading operations;
    2. cargo storage;
    3. logistics;
    4. towage/convoy of vessels;
    5. mooring service;
    6. freight services;
    7. port services, including electric power supply.


238340, Russia, Kaliningrad region,
Svetly, L. Chaikinoy str., 1

+7 40152 3-32-48 — phone/fax
+7 40152 3-07-66 — fax